Volume 2 - 2010

Mutlicast routing open-source platform – XORP


With integration of software routers with embedded platform we can get the most modern routers, but with less price. TV and radio services over IP networks become available just when multicast routing is used. Multicast routing is currently feature only on expensive hardware solutions. XORP open-source platform offers multicast routing through a software router, with the possibility of integration of cheap embedded systems.

Keywords: alix, soekris, embedded, multicast, рутирање, XORP, VLC
Published on website: 22.3.2010

Implementation of Internet access in suburban public buses using wireless technology


This paper presents a method how public transportation companies can increase profit providing extra services to customers, without huge investments and maintenance costs. Here, we present how Internet access can be realized in a bus using GPRS/EDGE/HSDPA, while customers (i.e. passengers) use WiFi connection. In this paper, we explain why it is more effective to use WiFi compared to the Bluetooth. As access point and router, in the proposed solution, we use MikroTik server.

Keywords: access point, Интернет приступ, EDGE, GPRS, HSDP, микротик, wireless.
Published on website: 6.4.2010

Analysis of OSPF security mechanisms


Service or system security depends on the security of any component used on that system. Computer network attacks can jeopardize normal network functionality. There are cases where an attacker can gain unauthorized control over classified data. OSPF is the most common link state routing protocol. In this paper, we have analyzed OSPF security issues and described some protection methods.

Keywords: Безбедност, link-state, MD5, Mikrotik, OSPF, XORP
Published on website: 28.10.2010