Volume 8 - 2016

Application for sports results track record


Application for sports results track record (AESR) is a web application designed for the collection and publication of sport results. We describe the purpose of the application itself, the architecture, manner of data publication and the publication of the first book published using AESR application.

Published on website: 1.1.1970

BGP: Prefix hijacking simulation and analysis


Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), is the most important internet protocol. It defines the rules of communication and enables independent computer networks to connect with others and join the global network. In this paper, we introduce some of the basic BGP concepts, as well as some of the well-known flaws. Then we discuss the three most widespread solutions, developed to fix certain secutiry challenges: S-BGP, IVR and SoBGP. In the end, we simulate prefix hijacking attack using GNS3, aimed at a backbone network. Several scenario are demonstrated: an unprotected network is first attacked, then we repeat the attack after applying a filter, and in the end, after manipulating several BGP attributes.

Keywords: Безбедносни изазови, БГП, механизми заштите
Published on website: 7.12.2016