The rapid development of web technologies has taken web development to a new level, which facilitates the work of programmers. One of the most commonly used stacks is the MERN stack, which today plays a leading role in web development. Four components included in the MERN stack are MongoDB database, Express backend web framework, ReactJS frontend library, and Node.js JavaScript environment.

This paper focuses on development of web store application of the well-known cosmetic brand Glossier using JavaScript MERN stack technology. The paper gradually explains the key concepts of the mentioned technologies, together with Redux, React Router, JWT, Mongoose and other libraries. The process of creating an application is described from the moment the idea is created, to the final stage of development and implementation.

As a result, a fully functional application was obtained that complied with the previously set requirements. It has a simple and intuitive user interface. It also includes an admin panel that serves admin to manipulate (create, delete and update) the products. This paper can be used as a tutorial for developing a full stack MERN web applications.

Keywords: web technologies, ReactJS, Node.js
Published on website: 5.10.2020
Attached files: vuksanovic.pdf