This paper discusses various techniques for developing the client-side web application and connecting it to the server-side developed in the Python programming language using the Django framework. The basic functionalities of the server-side can be accessed via REST calls. Five different client-side application development techniques were implement, the original Javascript, three different web frameworks,  JQuery, Angular, React, and Django templates. All client-side development techniques except the Django template communicate with the server-side via a REST call. The aim was to compare different integration techniques with the server-side, to show their advantages and disadvantages. The complexity of a particular language or framework, code readability, security, and community support were analyzed. The analysis will be done on the example of the development of a web application for renting motor vehicles.

Keywords: JavaScript, React, Angular, Django, JQuery
Published on website: 15.3.2021
Attached files: mstepanovic.pdf