The subject of this paper is the implementation of an information system for recording the production of rubber hoses. The practical part of the paper presents an example of the development of software aiming to be highly useful for end users. The goal of the application is to create work orders more efficiently and faster, which would speed up the complete production process. The idea is to bring the application that completely supports the technology of making rubber products closer to end users, with the software calculating  everzthing that is needed. The theoretical part of the paper defines the concepts, methodologies, strategies and factors of software introduction into the production process. The paper includes a presentation of all the necessary steps and data for the manufacturing of rubber products. In addition, the theoretical part is focused on the description of the system architecture, the specific features of the applications in production and all the activities that accompany the production process.

Keywords: Rubber Hoses, Desktop Application, Information System, Production
Published on website: 1.10.2020
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