The main objectives of this paper are to form a database containing complete documentation for the development team of angular developers and integrate this database into the application database, with the creation of a mechanism for automatic priority checking, using JWT tokens. The initial goal is to design a database model in which to store documentation on how to connect components, based on the Angular development tool, during the design and development of a web application. In the purpose-created database, a set of tables was formed that would describe all the components in the Angular application, as well as API functions that are accessed on the server side. Finally, the advantages of this way of document management, which is characteristic of the design phase, are presented. In addition to this basic advantage, good effects have been shown in the phases of program development and exploitation.

Keywords: Angular components, REST API, specification, documentation, JWT, database.
Published on website: 31.3.2021
Attached files: peric.pdf