Personal knowledge management is a process that the user uses to efficiently collect, classify, store, search, review, and share knowledge during day-to-day activities. With the growing number of digital content created, this process is becoming increasingly difficult. This paper presents a system for thematic archiving and data retrieval, with a focus on web pages, which facilitates the management of personal knowledge. The purpose of the presented system is to help in research in which it is necessary to adopt a larger number of interrelated concepts. The main processes of the system are scraping web pages and embedding, which provides an interactive map to display thematic areas. The paper conceptually presents the components of the system and analyzes an example of a specific implementation. The result is a practical implementation for use and further study.

Keywords: Filtering, Filternet, Data Retrieval, Search Enginees
Published on website: 1.9.2020
Attached files: djosipovic.pdf