In addition to the significant contribution of modern technologies and the Internet in the banking sector, as well as in the sales sector, it is of great importance to determine their negative effects. Despite the constant struggle to keep security and privacy in the field of e-business as high as possible, the rise of cybercrime undermines trust and affects an increasing number of concerned users. Along with the adoption of new technologies, it is necessary to develop methods of protection against cybercrime in order for service users to be safe.

In this paper, we will present the negative effects of the application of modern technologies in electronic business, as well as how they can be overcome by using different types of encryption and protocols. We will also present a detailed overview of the security analysis of the websites of banking institutions in Serbia, as well as some well-known domestic online stores.

Keywords: e-banking, e-commerce, encryption, HTTPS, TLS
Published on website: 30.9.2021
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