The development of information systems and technologies has enabled experts to intensively use remote computing resources according to the concept of cloud computing. Among other things, there is a development of cloud databases, as well as a transfer of data warehouses to the cloud. Microsoft's Azure is one of the leading cloud computing systems; it has support for many databases, and one of the platforms available on it is Azure Synapse Analytics.

This paper provides a brief critical overview of Azure Synapse Analytics, with an emphasis on its distributed data processing system, serverless SQL pool. This system allows data engineers, data architects, data analysts, business analysts and scientists to create virtual data warehouses, explore the big data available in the Azure Data Lakes, perform complex queries and create business reports.

Through this paper, we want to acquaint the reader with the basics of using the presented technologies. With this goal in mind, many examples have been developed, and the advantages and disadvantages of the presented technologies have been discussed.

Keywords: SQL, Azure Synapse Analytics, Big Data
Published on website: 1.2.2022
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