This work shows performance measurement and comparative analysis of two multicast VPN (MVPN) models in virtual internet servis provider network. The virtual network is created using open-source Cisco router emulator Dynamips. Results are gathered using iperf benchmarking tool which measures following statistical data about each packet: bandwidth, delay jitter, number of lost packets, and number of out-of-order packets. Results gathered from the testings of the two MVPN models point to no significant differences in the quality of transmission of multicast traffic across servis provider backbone. IP packets are forwarded with similar efficiency in router data plane. Differences in encapsulation of multicast VPN traffic, multicast traffic signalization, and multicast distribution tree building protocols do not affect performance of multicast traffic transmission in routers, and are transparent to both service providers and their customers.

Keywords: BGP MDT SAFI, IP/GRE, mLDP, MPLS, Multicast VPN, MVPN, Rosen draft
Published on website: 27.2.2012