The Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) makes up for more than 80% of the total Internet traffic volume. TCP thin flows, although not constituting the majority of total traffic volume, are very common in everyday use. Thin flows are used for WWW surf, remote computer administration, online gaming, etc. In this work thin flow performance of the most commonly used TCP congestion control algorithms are tested, specifically for transport of WWW (HTTP) traffic. Special emphasis si made to make the results relevant and practical, as much as possible. In regard to that, traffic generated during typical WWW surf session is captured and characterized, and based on that the simulation model is made. Simulations are done using production TCP stack of GNU/Linux operating system. Hybrid platform which allows controllability of experiment and usage of production TCP stack is possible because of modern network simulator NS3.

Keywords: TCP congestion control, thin flow, NS3
Published on website: 19.11.2013