As is well known in the world, tendencies in further technological development and development in all industries are developing robots and the artificial intelligence. Given that for years progress in addressing the issues of robots and human awareness of them, the current period is such that it led to the commercialization and the use of some artificial intelligent machines in the human environment. One of the key ideas and application of robots in human lives is the use of robotic vehicles (eng. Driverless cars) or autonomous vehicles (eng. Autonomous cars) in traffic. There is an evident increase in the movement of people means of transport (private vehicles and public transport), thereby increasing the risk of accidents, it takes more resources to the growing number of vehicles, congestion-time lost in traffic, etc. some of the key transport issues today. Are the appearance of the autonomous vehicles can solve some of the above aspects?! What will be the impact of these types of vehicles? There is also the issue of the legal aspects of this law, the key issues: if there is an accident, who to blame; what will be the impact on insurance companies; reduction in the rate of employment, for example: taxi associations; or increase the number of experts in the field of technology. These are just some of the questions that are asked and which run "Pandora's box" of autonomous vehicles on the streets...This work will explain architecture and technology of autonomous cars, progress, legalization and use of autonomous cars.

Keywords: аутономна возила, роботика, вештачка интелигенција, парадигме, сензори, навигација, технологија
Published on website: 13.10.2014