Serverless architecture offers solution for faster application development as well as reducing development and maintenance costs relative to client-server architecture. Although the name might be misinterpreted, in serverless architecture, the server still exists but it is taken care of by the cloud provider. In that manner, we can focus on the development and maintenance of the application itself, rather than on the infrastructure required to run the application. In this paper we have presented advantages and disadvantages of serverless software development. We have developed an application that provides comic book information using serverless architecture. For the cloud provider, we used Firebase and introduced its products that are needed to run the application. We have implemented the client part of the application for the iOS platform. We used Swift, as a programming language, described the integration between Firebase and iOS, as well as the basic functionality of the client application.

Keywords: Архитектура без сервера, Firebase, iOS, клијент-сервер архитектура, стрип, Swift.
Published on website: 20.12.2019
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